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CA Foundation Economics Full Video lectures by Ph.D. Sachin gulati in Pendrive / Google Drive Mode. These Lectures are befitted for May 21, Nov 21, and May 22 attempts. Study Material will be provided with the course.

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Buy CA Foundation Economics Full Course by Ph.D. Sachin Gulati | Video Lectures | Pendrive classes | latest Recordings. Soft Copy study materials will be provided with the same.

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Course Content

CA Foundation Syllabus 2021 for Paper 4 (Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge)

Section A: Business Economics



1. Introduction to Business Economics

  • Meaning and scope of Business Economics

  • Basic Problems of an Economy and Role of Price Mechanism

2. Theory of Demand and Supply

  • Meaning and determinants of demand, Law of demand and Elasticity of demand -Price, income and cross elasticity

  • Theory of consumer’s behaviour – Marshallian approach and Indifference curve approach

  • Meaning and determinants of supply, Law of supply and Elasticity of supply.

  • Demand Forecasting

3. Theory of Production and Cost

  • Meaning and Factors of production

  • Laws of Production – The Law of Variable proportions and Laws of Returns to Scale, Producer’s equilibrium

  • Concepts of Costs- Short-run and long-run costs, Average and marginal costs, Total, fixed and variable costs.

4. Price Determination in Different Markets

  • Various forms of markets – Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition Oligopoly

  • Price determination in these markets.

5. Business Cycles

  • Meaning

  • Phases

  • Features

  • Causes behind these Cycles

Section B: Business and Commercial Knowledge

1. Business and Commercial Knowledge – An Introduction

  • Nature of Business

  • Profession and Employment.

  • Objectives of Business

  • Economic and Non-Economic Activities

  • Forms of Business Organizations.

2. Business Environment

  • Micro and Macro Environment

  • Elements of Micro Environment – Consumers/Customers, Competitors, Organization, Market, suppliers, Intermediaries

  • Elements of Macro Environment – Demographic, Economic, Political-legal, Socio-cultural, Technological, Global Environment.

3. Business Organizations

Overview of selected Indian and Global Companies.

4. Government Policies for Business Growth

  • Policies creating a conducive business environment such as Liberalization, Privatization,

  • Foreign Direct Investment.

5. Organizations Facilitating Business

  • Indian Regulatory Bodies – RBI, SEBI, CCI, IRDAI

  • Indian Development Banks – IFCI, SIDBI, EXIM Bank, NABARD

6. Common Business Terminologies

  • Finance and Stock & Commodity Markets Terminology.

  • Marketing Terminology.

  • Banking Terminology.

  • Other Business Terminology

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