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CA Inter Taxation (Direct Tax and GST) Full Course Latest Video lectures by CMA. J.S Malhotra. These Lectures are befitted for May 21, Nov 21, and May 22 attempts. Study Material will be provided with the course.

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Course Content

Paper 4 – Taxation

Section A- Income Tax Law

  1. Basic Concepts

  2. Income-tax law: An introduction

  3. Important definitions in the Income-tax Act, 1961

  4. Concept of the previous year and assessment year

  5. Basis of Charge and Rates of Tax

  1. Residential status and scope of total income

  1. Residential status

  2. Scope of total income

  1. Incomes which do not form part of total income (other than charitable trusts and institutions, political parties and electoral trusts)

  1. Incomes not included in total income

  2. Tax holiday for newly established units in Special Economic Zones

  1. Heads of income and the provisions governing computation of income under different heads

  1. Salaries

  2. Income from house property

  3. Profits and gains of business or profession

  4. Capital gains

  5. Income from other sources

  1. The income of other persons included in assessee’s total income

  1. Clubbing of income: An introduction

  2. Transfer of income without transfer of assets

  3. Income arising from the revocable transfer of assets

  4. Clubbing of income arising to a spouse, minor child and son’s wife in certain cases

  5. Conversion of self-acquired property into property of HUF

  1. Aggregation of income; Set-off, or carry forward and set-off of losses

  1. Aggregation of income

  2. Concept of set-off and carry forward and set-off of losses

  3. Provisions governing set-off and carry forward and set-off of losses under different heads of income

  4. Order of set-off of losses

  1. Deductions from gross total income

  1. General provisions

  2. Deductions in respect of certain payments

  3. Specific deductions in respect of certain income

  4. Deductions in respect of other income

  5. Other deductions

  1. Computation of total income and tax liability of individuals

  1. Income to be considered while computing the total income of individuals

  2. Procedure for computation of total income and tax liability of individuals

  1. Advance tax, tax deduction at source and introduction to tax collection at source

  1. Introduction

  2. Direct Payment

  3. Provisions concerning the deduction of tax at source

  4. Advance payment of tax

  5. Interest for defaults in payment of advance tax and deferment of advance tax

  6. Tax collection at source – Basic concept

  7. Tax deduction and collection account number

  1. Provisions for filing return of income and self-assessment

  1. Return of Income

  2. Compulsory filing of return of income

  3. Fee and Interest for default in furnishing return of income

  4. Return of loss

  5. Provisions relating to belated return, revised return etc.

  6. Permanent account number

  7. Persons authorized to verify the return of income

  8. Self-assessment

Section B- Indirect Laws

  1. Concept of indirect taxes

  2. Concept and features of indirect taxes

  3. Principal indirect taxes

  1. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Laws

  1. GST Laws: An introduction including Constitutional aspects

  2. Levy and collection of CGST and IGST

  3. Application of CGST/IGST law

  4. Concept of supply including composite and mixed supplies

  5. Charge of tax including reverse charge

  6. Exemption from tax

  7. Composition levy

  8. Basic concepts of time and value of supply

  9. Input tax credit

  10. Computation of GST liability

  11. Registration

  12. Tax invoice; Credit and Debit Notes; Electronic waybill

  13. Returns

  14. Payment of tax

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