CSEET Economics and Business Environment Full Course by PH.D. Sachin Gulati


CSEET Economics and Business Environment Full Course Video Lectures by PH.D. Sachin Gulati.  These lectures are beneficial for May 21 and onward attempts. Study materials will be provided with the same. Join Our Face to face or love classes Enroll Now

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CSEET Economics and Business Environment Full Course by PH.D. Sachin Gulati. Video Lectures | Pendrive classes | updated syllabus | 24×7 support. Expert Teachers. Join Our Online classes and offline classes.

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CSEET Economics and Business Environment Full Course by PH.D. Sachin Gulati . Soft Copy study materials will be provided with the same.

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Course Content

Part A – Economics (25 marks)

Unit 1

Basics of Demand and

Supply and Forms of

Market Competition

• Theory of Demand and Supply

• Equilibrium Price

• Elasticity of Demand and Supply and other related


• Increase and Decrease in Demand and Expansion

and Contraction of Demand

• Forms of Market Competition- Monopoly, Duopoly, Oligopoly, Perfect Competition and Monopolistic


Unit 2

National Income Accounting and Related Concepts

• Meaning and methods to compute National Income

• Key variables of National Income (GNP, GDP, NNP,

NDP etc.)

Unit 3

Indian Union Budget

• Key terminologies/heads covered under the budget

• Revenue and Capital Budget

• Major components of Revenue and Capital Budget

• Meaning of Fiscal Deficit

• Components/ Variables covered under Fiscal Deficit

Unit 4

Indian Financial


• Overview of Indian Financial Ecosystem

• Key facets of the Indian financial system

• Growth of Financial Institutions

• Public and private sector banks

• Industrial Finance Corporation of India, Small

Industries Development Bank of India

• Regional Rural Banks

• Cooperative Banks

• Non-Banking Finance Companies

• Basics of Capital Market: Types of Shares and


• Financial assistance scenario for Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-Ups

Unit 5

Indian Economy

• Primary (Agriculture and allied activities)

• Secondary (Manufacturing)

• Tertiary (Services):

• Current scenario of agriculture and allied activities in


• Agricultural and Industrial Policies of India

• Current scenario of the services sector in India

• Balance of Payments

• Components of Balance of Payments

• Favorable and Unfavorable Balance of Trade

• Foreign Investments in India- Types and Flows

Part B – Business Environment (25 marks)

Unit 6

Entrepreneurship Scenario

• Government initiatives to foster entrepreneurship

• Need for entrepreneurship in India

• Bottlenecks in entrepreneurial growth

Unit 7

Business Environment

• Overview of Business Environment

• Features and factors influencing business


• Types of the environment: Economic environment,

Socio-cultural environment, Political environment,

Legal and Technological environment

• Ease of Doing Business Index by World Bank for

India and Department for Promotion of Industry and

Internal Trade (DPIIT) for States

Unit 8

Key Government Institutions

• Basic awareness about various institutions and

regulatory bodies in India such as NITI Aayog, MCA, SEBI, RBI, IBBI, CCI, NCLT/NCLAT etc.

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