CSEET Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Full Video Lectures


CSEET Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Full Course Video Lectures BY CS/ LLB/ Ruchi Dutt Kaushik. These lectures are beneficial for Dec 21 and onward attempts. Study materials will be provided with the same. Join Our Face to face or love classes Enroll Now

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CSEET Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Full Video Lectures by CS Ruchi Dutt Kaushik . Soft Copy study materials will be provided with the same.

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Course Content

Part A – Legal Aptitude (25 marks)

Unit 1

Indian Constitution

• Preamble

• Citizenship

• Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties

• Directive Principles of State Policy

• State under Constitution

• President and Governors

• Council of Ministers and Prime Minister

• Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assembly,

Legislative Council

• Supreme Court and High Courts

• Landmark Amendment in Constitution

• List of subjects-Centre, State and Concurrent

Unit 2

Elements of General Laws (Indian Contract

Act and Law of


A. Law of Contract

• Offer, Acceptance, Consideration and

Competency to Contract.

• Agreement

• Types of Contract: Void, Voidable, Unenforceable

• Performance of Contract

• Frustration of Contract

• Quasi Contract

• Breach of Contract and Remedies

B. Law of Torts

• Basics of Torts

• Specific Defenses

• Nuisance and Negligence

• Strict, Absolute and Vicarious Liability

• Trespass

• Malicious Prosecution

Unit 3

Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation

• The Institute of Company Secretaries of India

• Vision, Mission, Motto and Core Values of the Institute

• Company Secretary under Company Secretaries Act,


• Functions of Company Secretary under the Companies

Act, 2013

• Role of Company Secretary in Employment

• Role of Company Secretary in Practice

Unit 4

Elements of Company Law

• Meaning and Nature of Company

• Types of Companies

• Incorporation of a Company

• Types of capital

• Board of Directors -(Concept, Appointment and

Removal of Directors)

• Board Meetings & Shareholders Meetings

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Business Ethics

• Ethical Dilemma

Unit 5

Legal Reasoning

• Legal Fundamentals and Terms

• Legal Problems – Reading and understanding a case

• Legal Terminology and Maxims

• Legal Reasoning-

(a) Reasoning by Analogy

(b) Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

• Questions of Fact (or factual issues)

• Questions of Law (or legal issues)

• Landmark Judgments of Supreme Court and High Court

• Reading Comprehension

Part B – Logical Reasoning (25 marks)

Unit 6

Logical Reasoning

• Calendars

• Cause and Effect Reasoning

• Clocks

• Coding and Decoding

• Deriving Conclusion from Passages

• Drawing Inference

• Number Test

• Sequence and Series

• Statement and Assumptions

Unit 7

Verbal Reasoning

• Alphabet Test

• Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle

• Analogy

• Assertion and Reason

• Blood Relations

• Decision Making

• Inserting Missing Characters

• Logical Sequence Test

• Logical Venn Diagram

• Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test

• Syllogism

• Truth Tellers and Liars

Unit 8

Non-Verbal Reasoning

• Analytical Reasoning

• Classification

• Completion of Incomplete Pattern

• Figure Matrix

• Grouping of Identical Figures

• Mirror Image

• Rule Detection

• Numeric and Alphabet Series

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