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CMA Foundation Law Full Course Video Lectures By CS Ruchi Dutt Kaushik . Soft Copy study materials will be provided with the same.

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Course Content

Section A: Fundamentals of Economics (50%)

1. Basic concepts of Economics

  • The Fundamentals of Economics

  • Utility, Wealth, Production

  • Theory of Demand (determinants of demand, the law of demand, the elasticity of demand-price, income and cross elasticity) and Supply (determinants, the law of supply and elasticity of supply)

  • Equilibrium

  • Theory of Production (factors, laws of production-law of variable proportion, laws of returns to scale)

  • Cost of Production (the concept of costs, short-run and long-run costs, average and

marginal costs, total, fixed and variable costs)


2. Forms of Market

  • Pricing strategies in various forms of markets


3. Money and Banking

  • Definition of Money, Types, Features and Functions

  • Definition, functions, utility, principles of Banking

  • Commercial Banks, Central Bank

  • Measures of credit control and Money Market


Section B: Fundamentals of Management (50%)

4. Management Process

  • Introduction, planning, organizing, staffing, leading control, communication, coordination

  • Concept of power, authority, a delegation of authority, responsibility, accountability

  • Leadership & Motivation

  • Decision-making – types of decisions, decision- making process.


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